Finland’s first large-scale power-to-methane project is moving forward – Q Power orders e-methane reactor module structures from Enersense

Q Power solmi Enersensen kanssa toimitussopimuksen. Kuvassa Marko Niskanen, Eero Paunonen, Jaakko Leivo ja Joonas Rantala

Q Power, a company specialising in Power-to-X technology deliveries and Enersense, a provider of zero-emission energy solutions, have entered into a significant agreement on the delivery of steel structures for reactor modules for a methanation plant. The agreement is related to the synthetic methane production plant delivered by Q Power to P2X Solutions in Harjavalta. The plant is being built in connection with a green hydrogen production plant. P2X’s green hydrogen and synthetic methane production plants are pioneers in the Finnish hydrogen economy and the production of synthetic fuels in Finland. They are the first plants of their kind and scale in the country. 

Some of the hydrogen produced sustainably in Harjavalta will be processed into synthetic methane at the methanation plant supplied by Q Power. The plant will be delivered and commissioned in 2024 at the same time as the green hydrogen production plant. 

Q Power’s methanation process is live: the reactors contain microbes, the core element of methanation, which is why the reactors must be of an extremely high and consistent quality. “In addition to efficient production, it’s important that we can rely on our partner for high quality in manufacturing. We selected Enersense as the supplier for the Harjavalta project because they have expertise in the serial production of high-quality products of this kind. We want to provide Q Power’s microbes with the best possible environment,” says Marko Niskanen, Technical Director at Q Power. 

Finland’s first e-methane production plant, delivered by Q Power, is a visible sign of the progress of the energy transition. “Enersense wants to contribute to building a zero-emission energy system. We have been involved in developing various renewable energy production solutions for a long time and have delivered life-cycle services to the energy sector. It’s great that Q Power has selected us to join this project. It shows that we have been successful in our work,” says Jaakko Leivo, EVP, Smart Industry at Enersense.

In addition to excellence, it is important the partners have common operating principles. “We share with Enersense a common vision and goal of building a zero-emission energy system. We are delighted that our contract partner has values similar to ours, as well as strong technological expertise,” says Niskanen. 

The need for renewable fuels is growing rapidly. Synthetic fuels will play a significant role in reducing carbon dioxide emissions in energy production, but also in reducing emissions in industry and the transport sector. Power-to-x technologies are in demand both in Finland and on the global market. Q Power’s goal is to be a significant international technology supplier enabling its customers to move towards a fossil-free and self-sufficient energy system.

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Q Power enables its customers’ transition towards a fossil-free and self-sufficient energy system by developing and supplying cost-effective, highly efficient power-to-x technologies. Towards the end of the decade, our goal is to provide 500 MW of production capacity for renewable synthetic fuels annually. Q Power – Concrete solutions for fighting climate change

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Enersense International Plc is a provider of zero-emission energy solutions. The company is strongly involved in supporting the ongoing energy transition and enabling a zero-emission society. Enersense Group’s revenue in 2022 was EUR 268 million. The company has around 2,000 employees, and it operates in Finland and internationally. Enersense’s shares are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki (ESENSE). The company provides information for investors at