During over 10 years of R&D, Q Power has developed a range of bio-based technologies for storing renewable power and replacing fossil fuels. Our cutting-edge technologies enable the building of different kinds of chemical conversion streams to create synthetic fuels.

Our patented biomethanation process converts carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrogen (H2) into methane (CH4) with an unmatched process efficiency of 83 %. Feedstocks into our process are CO2 and H2,  meaning the raw material base is practically unlimited.

Our gasification and syngas upgrading technologies enable customers to make commercial use of typically difficult-to-utilize organic materials and sidestreams.


We utilize microbes isolated from marshland to produce biomethane from hydrogen and carbon dioxide in our unique bioreactors. Biomethane can then be utilized as a transportation fuel by itself or be further refined into renewable energy.

Gasification and syngas upgrading

Our gasification process creates a product called synthesis gas (syngas, wood gas) from any carbon-containing material. Syngas can be used as such or alternatively upgraded into biomethane in our syngas upgrading process.