Q Power provides customers with solutions for renewable fuel production. Our methanation and gasification solutions enable the reduction of emissions and substitution of fossil fuels with renewable alternatives. 

We serve customers in multiple industries: industry and construction, renewable power producers, biogas plants and landfills as well are marine and heavy transportation, just to name a few. Please be in touch to discuss how we could help your company in the fight against climate change!

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Methanation solutions

We help customers from all industries to turn CO2 emissions, carbonous waste materials, and hydrogen into renewable synthetic fuels. Our innovative and patented biocatalytic methanation reactors boast a market-leading efficiency of 83 %, beating second-in-class solutions by up to 30 %-points.

Q Power methanation unit inside

Q Power methanation unit at Qvidja R&D center. 

Q Power provides methanation turn-key deliveries. In other words, Q Power takes care of the design, planning, implementation, operation, and maintenance of the methanation plant, and in return, the customer can enjoy a carefree supply of renewable fuel.

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Solutions for syngas fermentation 

Most solid carbonous materials can be gasified to produce syngas. Gasification is an excellent way to create value from waste and side streams, which would otherwise remain underutilized. 

The syngas produced is a valuable fuel that can replace fossil fuels and decrease emissions in the energy system. While syngas can be used as a fuel in producing heat and power, Q Power can help customers create an even higher-value product by valorizing syngas into renewable methane.

Q Power provides the technologies and expertise needed to create the ideal fuel production setup as per customer need – be it syngas or renewable methane that is deemed optimal for the case.

Expert services

Q Power has a highly competent team with decades of combined experience in energy systems, microbiological processes, synthetic fuel production, and project management, among other things. We are more than happy to help customers in planning and designing energy systems and plant implementations that ideally fit their needs.

Expert services offered by Q Power include:

  • Power-to-X consulting
  • Techno-economic feasibility assessments
  • Project planning
  • Testing and analytics services
  • On-site piloting services

Why choose Q Power?

  • Superior economy. Our methanation systems boast a market-leading efficiency of 82 %, while needing minimal OPEX to spend due to the low complexity of our systems. Our gasification technology produces highly pure and tar-free syngas, requiring no additional purification.
  • Sustainability. Our technologies enable customers to decrease emissions. Our technologies require no rare metals or toxic catalysts.
  • Scalability. The modular design of our methanation reactor units means our technology is fully scalable from 100 kW to hundreds of MW of methanation output power. 
  • Robustness of processes. Our microbiological methanation process is highly tolerant to impurities in feed-in gases, meaning we can operate reliably in varying process conditions.
  • Care-free operation. In our system-as-a-service operating model, Q Power maintains, services, and operates the installed plants. Customers enjoy a carefree supply of fuel.


Q Power and ST1 pilot plant

Bioethanol CO2 sidestream methanation pilot, Vantaa, Finland

In 2019, Q Power and Nordic energy company ST1 conducted a successful pilot methanating the CO2 side stream from a bioethanol production process. Findings: 

  • Methanation process is operational and efficient in an industrial environment.
  • High-concentration CO2 side streams can be utilized as such.
  • Residual concentrations of ethanol in the gas stream are not a problem.
Q Power on-site piloting unit and people

Landfill gas methanation pilot, Salo, Finland

In 2020, Q Power, Lounais-Suomen Jätehuolto, and Lounavoima conducted a successful pilot methanation of the raw landfill gas from the Korvenmäki waste management site. Findings:

  • Even low-quality landfill gas is suitable for methanation in the Q Power process
  • The methanation process is highly resilient to feed gas impurities
  • Impurities (hydrogen sulfides and siloxanes) can be microbiologically metabolized to purify bio and landfill gas for end use


Qvidja farm Q Power R&D facilities and methanation unit

Qvidja R&D center, Parainen, Finland

Q Power, together with our parent company Qvidja Kraft, has designed and implemented a versatile R&D environment at the Qvidja Manor in Parainen, Finland. The site includes a methanation plant, gasification plant, biogas plant, gas storages, solar power plant, biogas filling station, and micro-CHP plant. Q Power can utilize the site in developing various novel solutions for customers. 

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