The cooperation between Q Power and Volter continues and expands to manufacturing for the Harjavalta methanation plant

Power-to-x technology company Q Power and cleantech company Volter have signed a supply contract for the manufacture of steel structures for reactor modules. The contract is related to the methanation plant supplied by Q Power to Harjavalta P2X Solutions’ green hydrogen plant. Volter is a Finnish company that commercializes technical innovations. Q Power and Volter have successfully cooperated in the design of Q Power’s methanation solution from a prototype to a commercial entity. 

Synthetic fuels will play a significant role in reducing carbon dioxide emissions in energy production, but also in reducing emissions in industry and the transport sector. The modular structure of the reactors enables almost unlimited scalability of the plants to meet the needs of different customers.

At Q Power, we carry out advanced product development work in the production of reactor functionality and prototypes. Volter has expanded our team’s skills and brought us additional expertise in designing solutions for commercial production. Scalability is emphasized in the design; of the system, for production, and logistics. This is Volters core expertise.” Marko Niskanen, technical director of Q Power, talks about the cooperation

Q Power delivers Finland’s first industrial-scale synthetic methane production plant for P2X Solutions in Suurteollisuuspuisto in Harjavalta, where P2X Solutions is constructing Finland’s first industrial-scale green hydrogen production plant. Part of the sustainably produced hydrogen is processed in the methanation plant together with carbon dioxide into synthetic methane. With this agreement, Volter will deliver part of the modules of the synthetic methane production plant to be built in Harjavalta. “We wanted to expand our cooperation with Volter to the delivery side as well because the construction of modules also helps future product development regarding the next reactor and module model. In this way, competence grows both ways.” Niskanen opens up his views.

Volter’s strength is solid know-how in design and production. Their goal is to design solutions that are easy and effective to implement. The delivery agreement that has now been created is a very positive thing for Volter as well. “We have had the pleasure of working with Q Power’s competent team. Our cooperation is a good example of Volter’s prototype-to-market operating model. With this agreement, we will also be able to build modules for Finland’s first industrial-scale methanation plant.” Jarno Haapakoski CEO of Volter discuss.

According to the schedule, the delivery and commissioning of the synthetic methane production plant will take place in 2024 at the same time as the hydrogen production plant.

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More infromation:

Q Power
Eero Paunonen, CEO
Tel. +358 44 425 2269

Marko Niskanen, Technical Director

Volter Oy
Jarno Haapakoski,CEO

Q Power in brief:

Q Power enables its customers to move towards a fossil-free and self-sufficient energy system by developing and delivering cost-effective, high-efficiency production technologies to their customers. By the end of the decade, our goal is to produce 500 MW of renewable synthetic fuel production capacity annually. Q Power – Concrete solutions for fighting against climate change

Volter in brief:

Volter is a Finnish organization, founded in 1997, specializing in power plants and cleantech productization services, which with its know-how supports companies in implementing the green transition. On the power plant side, Volter has customers in more than ten countries around the world. In the production service business, we focus on domestic customers.