We will evaluate the Power-to-X potential of your industrial site. Please contact us to learn more!

If you’re not sure about the Power-to-X potential of your company, please be in touch. We’ll assess the site and potential for you.

The options a company has for reducing emissions are not always immediately clear. Power-to-X and e-fuels are one option, but when are they applicable and feasible to implement?

Our expert services help you to evaluate possibilites for Power-to-X production, and to choose the best way forward. After our techno-economic assessment our customer is well equipped to decide on a way forward.

The exact content of an assessment is always decided in cooperation with the customer. Typically, items evaluated contain the following:

  • A mapping of the operating environment and description of suitable Power-to-X technologies
  • An evaluation of available material streams, such as carbon dioxide, hydrogen, synthesis gases or gasifiable materials
  • Assessment of production and storage capabilities of renewable energy
  • Options for end-use of produced fuel, sensitivity analyses and useage potential for process side streams
  • Techno-economic feasibility assessment
  • Draft of roles and responsibilities of partners of a plant project

The goal of an assessment is to create a comprehensive understanding of different options for emissions reductions and to propose the most feasible ways to move forward. After an assessment project, a next step is to consider implementing a pilot project or to commence project planning. The material produced can also be utilized as background information for any grant proposals.

Please be in touch with Q Power Director of Sales Sami Lakio to agree on a way forward in more detail!

Sami Lakio
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