We are hiring: Four open positions for industry and production experts (mechanic/installer/production technical expert/operator)

Would you like to be part of a team that is shaping the future of technology with innovative and sustainable solutions? Join us and work alongside experienced professionals who are passionate about creating a better tomorrow.

We are looking for four technical experts with experience in manufacturing, assembly, installation, production, and maintenance for versatile work tasks in Kaarina.

Q Power tekninen osaaja

In this position, you will be responsible for operating Q Power’s production line, performing production work, and carrying out maintenance tasks. You will also participate in the assembly and deployment of the production line, working closely with our team of experts to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of our technology.

We are seeking you, who is detail-oriented, proactive in your approach to work, and can find solutions even in challenging situations. A technical education in mechanical or electrical automation, combined with sufficient work experience, will provide a strong foundation for this role. Our team of professionals will provide orientation and support to help you excel in your work.

This role requires punctuality and strict adherence to work instructions to ensure the safe and efficient operation of our production line. Adequate language skills are also necessary for proper work orientation and to ensure compliance with occupational safety guidelines.

A good basis for success in the task is when you have:

  • Experience in production work, production line implementation, and production maintenance.
  • Education in the technical field, a suitable machine/electrical automation background, or similar.
  • Strong planning skills, and precision.
  • Sufficient Finnish or English language skills so that we can ensure a safe work environment and orientation.
  • At least moderate physical condition. The work is partly physical and may include e.g. lifting.
  • Hard-working attitude, initiative and developing your skills.


The daily work is usually during office hours in 1-shift, but we hope to be ready to work in 2-shift work as well.

Q Power as a workplace
At Q Power, we’re passionate about creating a better future through sustainable technological solutions. As a team, we work with a sense of purpose, supporting each other to achieve our goals while prioritizing safety and well-being. We’re committed to building a company culture where everyone feels comfortable and fulfilled.

The company’s roots and values spring from deep in the soil of the Paraisten Qvidja manor. Our values reflect a deep respect for nature, customer satisfaction, and innovation. Join us today and be a part of shaping the future!

If you are interested please send your application to contact@qpower.fi by May 26th, we start interviewing during the application period.