Together with our partners, we are on a journey toward an emission-free energy system

Hydrogen economy and actions against climate change have moved from planning to implementation. Several investments will start in Finland and Europe this year, as the demand for renewable fuels grows rapidly. This has also increased the demand for power-to-x technologies. Synthetic fuels will play a significant role in reducing carbon dioxide emissions in energy production, but also in reducing emissions in industry and the transport sector. This is excellent news for us, as Q Power’s goal is to be a major global technology supplier in the power-to-x sector in the future.

Q Power’s future includes business growth and internationalization. There is a high demand for synthetic fuels in Finland and the global market. Renewable methane makes it easier to give up fossil fuels as it has the same characteristics as natural gas, so using it in existing infrastructure is possible. E-fuels, such as synthetic methane, also work excellently as energy storage when flexibility is needed to balance the production and consumption of renewable energy. “Currently our main product is a highly efficient renewable methane production plant and the related power-to-x integrations, i.e. we deliver turn-key solutions to our customers. Our operations are based on our excellent know-how and technology together with good and seamless cooperation between our partners and operational networks.” Q Power CEO Eero Paunonen comments on the company’s prospects.

At the core of a growth business is the right choice of partners, who support the reliability of supply and the scalability of operations with both their expertise and attitude. “It goes without saying that growth and internationalization are done in cooperation and a good partner network supports our goals and grows and scales as operations expand. With the energy revolution, the employment effects of the value chains of energy production will be very significant” Eero comments on Q Power’s way of working regarding partner choices and continues “We choose our partners with special care, looking at competence, efficiency, and responsibility. Our goal has been, and will continue to be, to find partners with whom we can pioneer renewable energy production solutions on a large scale”.

Q Power has concluded supply agreements regarding Finland’s first industrial-scale synthetic fuel production plant to be built in Harjavalta

The green hydrogen and synthetic methane production plants implemented by P2X Solutions in Harjavalta are pioneers in the Finnish hydrogen economy and the production of synthetic fuels, as both are the first of their scale in Finland. Part of the sustainably produced hydrogen is processed together with carbon dioxide into synthetic methane in the methanation plant supplied by Q Power.

According to the schedule, the delivery and commissioning of the synthetic methane production plant to be built in Harjavalta will take place in 2024 at the same time as the hydrogen production plant. 

Q Power has signed significant contracts regarding the supply of reactor modules, automation centers, and system equipment related to the centers. The cooperation agreements signed for this first production plant will be explained in more detail next week.