Q Power’s microbiological methanation enables Fortum’s pioneering pilot

The goal is to recycle the carbon dioxide emissions of waste incineration into new materials

Fortum, together with Q Power, has started a pilot at the Riihimäki waste incineration plant, the aim of which is to capture the carbon dioxide released from the waste incineration plant and use it as a raw material in the production of new high-quality materials, such as plastic. With the help of the Carbon2x concept, the climate effects of waste incineration can be significantly reduced and the recycling rate of plastic packaging can be doubled in Finland.

In Riihimäki’s pilot, carbon dioxide is recovered from the flue gases of the waste incineration plant, after which it is directed to Q Power’s bioreactors. By adding hydrogen produced with renewable energy to the microbiological process, the result is a carbon-neutral fuel, synthetic methane. Methane holds immense potential as a raw material for downstream processing, including applications in the production of plastics and other valuable products. The advantage of Q Power’s technology is its scalability, toleration to impurities process stability and the best efficiency on the market (82%). CarbonReUse’s chemical-free technology is used for CO2 recovery.

“The Power-to-X solutions offered by Q Power are suitable not only for the production of renewable fuels that replace fossils, but also very well for the further processing of carbon dioxide into various valuable products. Carbon-neutral synthetic methane is produced at Riihimäki, which our customer Fortum intends to use as a raw material for plastics in the future. We are developing our technology into a versatile platform that enables the efficient production of not only renewable methane but also other value fractions in the future.” says Eero Paunonen, CEO of Q Power.

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Additional information:

Eero Paunonen, CEO, Q Power Oy, eero.paunonen (at) qpower.fi, phone +358 44 425 2260

Anni Alitalo, R&D Director, Q Power Oy, anni.alitalo (at) qpower.fi, phone +358 50 320 6286

Q Power is an innovative Finnish technology company founded in 2019 that specializes in the production of carbon-neutral synthetic fuels. Q Power has developed the world’s most efficient technology for the production of synthetic methane, and the company also has solid expertise in other Power-to-X solutions such as gasification, hydrogen production and carbon dioxide recovery technologies.

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