Q Power partners with JP Energiesystemen to expand reach in the Netherlands

We are happy to announce a new partnership with JP Energiesystemen, an energy storage and supply systems advisor based in the Netherlands. The partnership aims to strengthen Q Power’s presence in the promising Dutch market, which has significant potential for e-fuels, particularly in sectors such as maritime transport and industry.

The Netherlands is well positioned to support the production and distribution of e-fuels, with a strong focus on developing hydrogen and CO2 distribution networks. By partnering with JP Energiesystemen, We can leverage our expertise to identify and pursue opportunities in these sectors. This will enable us to offer customized solutions to meet the specific needs of customers in the region and contribute to the country’s transition towards sustainable energy.

The partnership will also help us to provide better service and support to customers in the region, with a local representative to lead to quicker response times, faster project implementation, and more efficient communication. This means that we can provide more effective support and assistance to our customers, which can ultimately result in greater customer satisfaction.

We have been working with JP Energiesystemen two years already and it is great to formalize the co-operation now. They are a reputable and experienced company with deep expertise in energy storages, systems and possibilities for e-fuel production in Netherlands,” says Sami Lakio, Sales Director of Q Power. “With their help, we can better serve our customers in the Netherlands and expand our reach in the region.”

We at JP Energiesystemen are excited to be partnering with Q Power, a company that shares our commitment to sustainable energy solutions,” says JP Energiesystemen CEO, Jan Pereboom, We believe that this partnership will enable us to offer our customers in the Netherlands the best possible solutions for their needs.”

Overall, the partnership between Q Power and JP Energiesystemen will allow Q Power to offer its innovative solutions to a wider customer base in the Netherlands, while providing customers with the added benefit of having a dedicated local representative to assist them with their energy needs. The partnership is expected to play an important role in identifying and pursuing opportunities for e-fuel production and distribution in the Netherlands, which is a promising market for sustainable energy solutions.

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Sami Lakio, Sales Director
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JP Energisystemen
Jan Pereboom, CEO
+31 (0)6 205 83 084