Outokumpu and Q Power to explore synthetic methane production in Tornio, Finland to accelerate decarbonization in stainless steel

Press release March 4th, 2024

Outokumpu, a leading producer of sustainable, 100% recyclable stainless steel, is committed to a circular economy model and is constantly looking for ways to reduce its waste and its carbon footprint. The next step on this journey is to explore the potential of carbon capture utilization (CCU) technology as means to utilize the company’s emissions as raw materials to produce new products such as e-fuels. As a part of these efforts, Outokumpu has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Q Power, a Finnish Power-to-X technology provider, to explore the production of synthetic methane* at Outokumpu’s largest site in Tornio, Finland.

The agreement targets to establish an in-depth understanding of the ecosystem needed around synthetic methane production from technical, financial, and commercial aspects. The project supports Outokumpu’s decarbonization targets as it explores the possibility to capture carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide from the company’s production processes and use them as raw material to produce synthetic methane. The primary aim would be to produce e-fuel for Outokumpu’s use to reduce reliance on fossil sources such as LNG. 

“Outokumpu’s long-term vision is to have carbon neutral, waste-free stainless steel production. The CCU technology is one key technology on our roadmap towards carbon neutrality. The collaboration with Q Power, with their cutting-edge technology, is an exciting opportunity for us to explore the possible opportunities together. Strong partnerships are needed to accelerate circularity where even wastes and emissions can be reused and repurposed to minimize climate impact and maximize efficiency,” says Stefan Erdmann, Chief Technology Officer, Outokumpu.

“We are extremely excited to begin co-operation with Outokumpu, the global leader in sustainable stainless steel. Through this feasibility study, we will provide information and data on how Outokumpu can create valuable fuel out of its emissions. Q Powers’ mission is to develop and deliver concrete solutions, more precisely eMethane production technology, to fight against climate change. Our values and targets on sustainability align with those of Outokumpu and I believe that together we can make a positive impact on the climate as well as enhance renewable energy production and usage,” says Eero Paunonen, CEO, Q Power.

* Synthetic methane or e-methane is a synthetic gas produced from renewable hydrogen and recycled CO2. E-methane is fully interchangeable with natural gas and biogas. When it is liquefied it is likewise fully interchangeable with LNG and it can be transported through already existing infrastructure.

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