Historical Moment in the Finnish hydrogen industry: Reactor Modules for Finland’s First Methanation Plant are Ready

In the beginning of last week, Q Power’s production facility in Kaarina was at a high speed, as the production of the bioreactor modules of Finland’s first industrial-scale methanation plant was nearing its end right before Christmas. We are happy to announce that all 42 bioreactor modules for P2X Solutions in Harjavalta are ready!

The hydrogen economy and synthetic fuels are a new, growing industry. Several projects are also being planned in Finland to implement solutions to produce renewable energy and synthetic fuels. The synthetic methane production plant supplied by Q Power to Harjavalta P2X Solutions is Finland’s first commercial plant, but not the last. In the facility, part of the green hydrogen produced by P2X Solutions in the green hydrogen production plant in Harjavalta is processed into eMethane. The construction work of both facilities is currently underway.

Years of development are becoming concrete

Q Power has been developing technology to produce synthetic fuel, more precisely eMethane for several years. This year, the development work has taken a concrete form, when we started serial production of reactor modules at the site opened in Kaarina in August. Now, about 4 months later, we have reached a significant milestone with a total of 42 reactor modules completed.

Q Power’s CEO Eero Paunonen is happy about the completion of the reactors “I am very proud of our team, which has taken both the development of the production line and the actual manufacturing forward in a committed and solution-oriented manner. Whenever things are done for the first time, challenges are encountered, but with a good attitude and seamless cooperation, they have been solved, so we have finished the reactors ahead of schedule” He continues, also thanking the partners
“Q Powerians are not the only ones who have done a great job in this regard, in the project there are also partners with whom things have been carried forward excellently. I sincerely want to thank all parties.”

Q Power have finished a total of 42 bioreactor modules for producing synthetic methane

Anni Alitalo, Q Power’s R&D Director, is also very satisfied when she is looking at the line of finished reactor modules. “I have been involved in Q Power’s development activities since the beginning. It’s great to see how the idea of producing synthetic methane with the help of microbes, has become a concrete product through product development” Alitalo comments and continues 

“To be honest, I am quite thrilled right now when I see the reactors completed. This also shows how strong the culture of working together is at Q Power and how committed we are to helping our customers implement solutions for climate actions”

Technical excellence from design to manufacturing

At the heart of Q Power’s methanation solution are microbes that have specialized in methane production for millions of years. The modules we manufacture are the home of microbes, and therefore ensuring technical quality is extremely important, from the steel structures to the equipment and finishing of the modules.

“We prioritize the well-being of microbes and therefore also invest in ensuring quality. This delivery is the first of its kind and it has been great to see how the implementation has progressed from plans to practice.” comments Tuomo Kautto, the project manager responsible for the delivery of Q Power’s Harjavalta, and continues, “I have been particularly pleased with the level of high-quality work that all our employees and partners have achieved. It’s been nice to see how the production facility has been up to speed and smiling.”

We wanted to open the virtual doors to our production facility and offer everyone the opportunity to peek behind the scenes. With the attached video, you can see what the production of reactors looks like. For us, power-to-x is not just future dreams but already present in everyday life. However, we promise to continue with the same curiosity, enthusiasm, and quality in the future as well.