We are hiring – Now open four interesting positions

As our business grow, we are looking for new members in Q Power team to take concrete actions to fight against climate change. Q Power is a company that produces innovative solutions, we have several patented technologies that efficiently produce carbon-neutral synthetic fuels to replace fossil fuels. For us, CO2 is a raw material, to be kept in a closed loop in energy production. We aspire to create a sustainable energy system, not dependent on fossil energy.

Our story has started where microbes have been producing methane for millions of years: in the marshlands. Professor, inventor Erkki Aura became interested in microbes after reading NASA doing research on the subject. in 2007, professor he collected a culture of microbes and began researching the possibilities of utilizing them in biomethane production. This is where our journey with the microbes began. Read more about Q Power.

At Q Power we enable our customers the transition towards a fossil-free and self-sufficient energy system by developing and delivering cost-effective, high-efficiency production technologies. Our methanation technology is the most efficient currently on the market: process efficiency of methanation is 82 %. By the end of the decade, our goal is to manufacture 500 MW of renewable synthetic fuel production capacity annually. Read more about our customers in news section.

As said in the beginning: achieving our goals also means that we need more colleagues in the Q Power team.  In here you can find our open positions and instructions for applying 

Currently we are looking for:

Specialist in Technical Solution Sales

Operation and Maintenance expert

Process Planning and implementation engineer

Procurement manager

Three reasons why you should apply

  1. You get to work with sustainable solutions and make an impact.
  2. You have an opportunity to build your professional competences.
  3. You get to work with amazing people in trusting and inspiring environment.


At Q Power, you get to work on versatile and interesting tasks with an innovative team in a stimulating work environment. We offer you challenges and responsibility, as well as very interesting work with future solutions. Above all, you get the opportunity to make concrete solutions for climate work.