Mechanical completion achieved in Finland’s first eMethane production unit in Harjavalta

Once again, we are excited to share that we have reached a significant milestone at the Harjavalta: the mechanical completion of Finland’s first eMethane production unit, which is part of P2X Solutions Green hydrogen plant in Harjavalta. With this, we can now begin the cold commissioning of the methanation unit, bringing us one step closer to starting operations and allowing the Q Power bioreactors and microbes to do their groundbreaking work.

During this spring, we have seen the methanation unit come together one step at a time. Once we entered the facility in January it was just an empty hall and now all the work done in the planning phase and manufacture are visible in the unit. As a project manager, I can tell you that this has been a very exciting spring. It has been a huge achievement for us and our very competent contractor partners to build this unit. For me personally, this has been a major learning experience.

And now all of you have the great opportunity to take a look inside of the Finlands first industrial scale eMethane unit in Harjavalta! It looks great, doesn’t it? (Incase you can not see the video, it is because you have rejected the cookies. But there is no need to worry, you can see the video in YouTube.)

Mastering coordination in a large-scale construction project

We have been working very closely with our client P2X Solutions, a Finnish pioneer in Green Hydrogen. This project is not only Finland’s first industrial scale methanation unit but more of an opening to the hydrogen economy as it is a part of Finland’s first green Hydrogen Plant owned by P2X Solutions. In a construction project as large as this effective management has been crucial. Coordinating the work on this project has been quite a puzzle. At peak times, we have had up to 60 workers on-site simultaneously. This requires excellent coordination skills to ensure that all phases of the project align smoothly and that safety protocols are strictly followed.

As I said we have worked closely with our client, and we are especially proud of the positive feedback from them. P2X Solutions’ project manager Jari Hassinen described our work as follows: “Q Power has done exceptional work at the Harjavalta site. Their site management activities have been of the highest quality, ensuring we meet our milestones efficiently and effectively. All in all, it has been a pleasure to work with such a partner that one can trust to do precise work ensuring also safety in our site”

The Path Ahead: Cold Commissioning and Beyond

With mechanical completion now done and behind us, our focus shifts to the cold commissioning phase. This involves thorough testing of all mechanical and electrical systems without introducing any process fluids. This is a critical step because, by this, we ensure that everything operates as designed before we can proceed to the next stages and wake up the microbes. Each phase gets us closer to starting the methanation and letting microbes in the bioreactors do their essential work in producing eMethane.

As we move forward, the excitement continues to build. By every achievement, we prove our dedication and hard work. I look forward to sharing more updates as we progress towards a greener future. 

The blog is written by Tuomo Kautto.

Tuomo is a Project Manager at Q Power, overseeing the successful execution of customer projects with a focus on high-quality and timely delivery. With extensive experience in process design and a background in environmental technology and bioenergy, Tuomo is dedicated to advancing sustainable energy production.