Beware of Job Scams: How to identify fake job offers in Q Power’s name

It has come to our attention that someone has done job scams acting as a recruitment partner using Q Power’s name and logos. These scammers are falsely offering jobs in our name, exploiting the trust of job seekers. We are concerned about this and we have taken the necessary measures and filed a criminal complaint with the local police authority.

For you to make sure the job opening is legitimate you can check the following.

Verify job listings:

  • We at Q Power, post our job openings on the Q Powers website. Even when we use partners. Q Powers official job openings:
  • On the open positions site and in the official job description are the contact information and guide on how to apply.
  • Official communication comes from Q Power domain If you receive an email in Q Power’s name under some other domain, please treat it carefully and report it.
  • We do not offer a job without a job interview.
  • Before offering the job we usually meet in person, so that you can get to know your team.

If you believe you have been scammed, we advise you to contact your local authorities and report the scam accordingly.

Eero Paunonen, CEO
Q Power